Who doesn't love a good love story? Especially one that ends in a blockbuster Happily Ever After Fairly Tale wedding!

Harry and Meghan captured our adoring attention last month as we watched the televised nuptials for hours! There is no doubt that Meghan set many bridal trends into motion from her simple elegant dress and long veil to her natural makeup. Details are everything and we at Mary Frances Accessories love the details! The new Duchess of Sussex would have looked stunning with our Happily Ever After handbag to go with her gorgeous halter dress by Stella McCartney. There will be other weddings this season and no doubt all you Princesses will need the right accessories!

May we suggest . . . .

Pure Love Embellished Clutch (on model), White On Embellished Wristlet, Roaring 20s Silver Clutch

What to wear is always the biggest care but don't forget what to bring on your big day! Here is our list:

    1. 1. Kissable lipstick - for the joyful smile and the first kiss
    2. 2. Breath mint - for all the meet and greets- and that first kiss
    3. 3. Pin interest - bobby pin for the do and safety pin just in case
    4. 4. Tissue - emotional moments!
    5. 5. Floss - picture ready smile!
    6. 6. Mini Compact with mirror - touch ups!

Jubilee Floral Handbag, Blush Beaded Mini, Rare Bird Top Handle Bag, Love Is In the Air Embellished Clutch

And of course, your bridesmaid squad has to look fabulous too. We have the perfect arm candy to keep their style on point and something to carry extra tissue for all those tears of joy!