Shaken Not Stirred Coin Purse

SKU: CP S002-248


For cocktails sake, this coin purse features exquisite beading that illustrates the shine of a martini glass complete with olive and stir stick details. The design is comprised of gold, black, green, and red beads, as well as a gold chain-linked faux glass stem. Attach this coin purse with a key fob to any handbag or belt loop with the easy open hook and key ring. This product has a zipper closure to keep your items safe.

  • 4.5 x 0.5 x 3.5", 1.75" Fob Dangle"
  • Easy open trigger hook and key ring, zipper closure
  • This is a handmade item, each one an individual work of art. Slight variations may occur. More

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