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Article: The Perfect Bridal Clutch for Your Wedding Day: Six Selections to Add Sparkle to Your Celebration

The Perfect Bridal Clutch for Your Wedding Day: Six Selections to Add Sparkle to Your Celebration

Your wedding day is all about committing yourself to the person you love. While you may have crossed the most important detail off your list (who to marry, of course!), there are still plenty of decisions to be made — along with near-endless opportunities for sartorial self-expression.

What’s our favorite way to make an unforgettable impression on your wedding day? An unforgettable accessory! We’re talking about the perfect bridal clutch. More specifically, we’re talking about one of our favorite bridal trends at the moment: the beaded bridal bag.

From intricate patterns to creative designs, read on for our top  six beaded bridal handbags for the perfect finishing touch on your wedding day ensemble.

1. The Wild Blossom Crossbody Floral Handbag

Wild Blossom Crossbody Floral Handbag

Why should the bouquet get all the fun? Adorned with meticulously handcrafted 3-D flowers in vibrant shades of pink, orange, yellow, and blue, this beaded bridal clutch is a stunning floral fantasy to perfectly compliment a variety of dress styles and wedding themes, from city sleek to country chic.

If your goal is to make an elegant entrance, this blooming bag is a must-have accessory. 

2. The Champagne On Ice Top-Handle Handbag

Champagne On Ice Top-Handle Handbag

Your wedding just might be the biggest party of your lifetime, and this beaded bridal bag is worthy of the occasion. Featuring an ornately beaded bubbly bottle, colorful pink flowers, and life-like resin “rocks” nestled into a champagne bucket, this bridal bag is guaranteed to be an opulent addition to your wedding wardrobe.

And while champagne eventually goes flat, our highly collectible Champagne on Ice Top-Handle Handbag will continue to dazzle and delight for years to come.

3. Heart Burst Crossbody Phone Bag

Heart Burst Crossbody Phone Bag

Looking for a glimpse of the glitz and glamour for which Mary Frances is known? Look no further than this dazzling creation. Small in size but large in charm, the Heart Burst Crossbody Phone Bag is a stylish spot to stash your lipstick and cellphone.

On your wedding day, no detail will be left unattended. From the glittering sunburst at its center to a top-hidden magnet compartment, the same sentiment goes into the making of this hand-beaded bag. Not sure whether you want to wear it vertical or horizontal? It adjusts to be worn either way.

4. Queendom Crown Handbag

You may not be royalty, but you’ll feel like it on your wedding day with this handbag at your fingertips. We challenge you to find a bag with more elaborate and intriguing detailing than the thousands of hand-set beads and crystals adorning this crown-shaped bag. Regal pops of red and purple add to the majesty of this haute handbag.

And did we happen to mention that the dazzling beaded and bejeweled shoulder strap can be removed and worn as a necklace?

5. Dream Chaser Crossbody Clutch

Dream Chaser Crossbody Clutch

Butterflies symbolize angels, transformation, beauty, comfort, hope, positivity, and many other powerful qualities—all of which can be at your side on your wedding day. This joyful bridal clutch features an eye-catching butterfly against a backdrop of exquisite beading and fine embroidery in stunning shades of pink, blue, and verdant green.

6. Cake Shop Top-Handle Bridal Handbag

Cake Shop Top-Handle Bridal Handbag

The only thing we can think of better than one amazing wedding cake? Four amazing wedding cakes. If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding day look, our Cake Shop Top-Handle Bridal Handbag is the ultimate eye candy giving new meaning to the phrase “a feast for the eyes.”

Not to mention that long after your wedding is a happy memory, this happy handbag will remain as a sweet reminder of the day.

There's a reason — well, many of them — why beaded bags are having a major moment. In addition to showcasing amazing handiwork, they also make a stylish statement. 

While selecting your venue, picking your dress, and planning your menu may be the first things that come to mind when you think of planning your wedding day, it’s the little details that make your celebration a truly unique and memorable event. We can think of no better way to make your wedding truly special than with an extraordinary beaded handbag from Mary Frances.

To find the perfect beaded Bridal clutch for your wedding or other special occasion, shop our Bridal Collection today.

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