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Article: "I feel like I am carrying around happiness."

"I feel like I am carrying around happiness."


I just wanted to tell you how much something as simple as your handbags mean to me. It may sound cliche, but just carrying around a bag that you guys created brings a little bit of joy to my otherwise sad life. I just wanted to reach out and say great job. A sparkly, fun bag may not seem like a big deal, but on my worst days it gives me a little sparkle and sometimes even a laugh. 

I found out about your company by my friend Lizzie in Lace on Instagram. Her fun, lovely aesthetic got me collecting them. 

I just wanted to say how truly grateful I am and how your purses brighten my day. I feel like I am carrying around happiness. 

Thanks again,


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What could be better?

I take it everywhere and it’s a great conversation starter.

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Thank you for making such fabulous handbags (and more)

I am SO PLEASED with the product! 

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