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Article: The Best Party Handbags to Wear on a Night Out

The Best Party Handbags to Wear on a Night Out

Finally getting to venture back into the world again is a special occasion. Doesn't it call for a special bag? Whether you’re headed out for a casual girls’ night, date night, concert, or other festivities, the right handbag is more than just utilitarian. In addition to helping you manage your belongings in one safe and easy space, a gorgeous bag is a phenomenal finishing touch for any look.

The good news? The sky’s the limit when it comes to party bags. The right bag IS out there — you’ve just got to find it. Mary Frances’ beaded and embellished designer handbags offer a beautiful blend of wearability and whimsy.

Read on for a roundup of six of our favorite party bags to add some sparkle to your style — whatever the occasion.

1. The Best Evening Bags for Concerts

superstar crossbody beaded party handbag
Live music was one of the things we’ve missed most during the pandemic. That’s why we’re committed to making up for lost time now! Whether you’re headed to a rock concert or taking in a performance at a more intimate venue, you’re sure to make a statement with one of our music-themed beaded bags.

A few especially show-stopping looks? Our Superstar Crossbody Guitar Handbag and I Love Music Crossbody Bag are perfect accessories for your next concert. Taking in a country show? Be sure to peruse our collection of Western themed bags - including our Open Mic Guitar Handbag - to find something just right.

Feel like traveling light? Our Crossbody Phone Bags are your new best friend.

2. The Best Evening Bags for Date Night


fall in love top handle party handbag

If things go as planned, all eyes will be on you on date night. But that doesn’t mean your bag can’t enjoy its share of attention, too. An elegant and distinctive bag can pull together your entire ensemble. And when you look good you feel good.

There are many ways to go when it comes to the best handbags for date night. The best choice is determined by everything from your personal taste to the specifics of your plans for the evening. Whether you’re looking for something bold and bright like our Dream Chaser Black Crossbody Clutch, fun and flirty like our Fall in Love Top-Handle Bag, or playful and elegant like our Wine Time Crossbody Clutch, you’re sure to find something you love at Mary Frances.

3. The Best Evening Bags for Girl’s Night

in good hands hamsa beaded party handbag

Is there anything as exhilarating as a good girl’s night? Whether you gather the whole squad for dinner and drinks or you head straight to the dance club, an extraordinary bag can take your look to the next level. Our In Good Hands Crossbody Hamsa Handbag is all about good vibes, while our Frida Beaded Handbag and Glammed Up Crossbody Phone Bag make for the perfect multi-functional fashion statement.

Planning a getaway to Vegas or Atlantic City? Our Double or Nothing Crossbody Handbag or Payoff Crossbody Phone Bag will win big wherever you are. 

4. The Best Evening Bags for Bar Hopping

bubbly crossbody mini party handbag

Headed out for a good, old-fashioned night of partying at your favorite bar or club? You’ll need a cute bag for tucking away all the basics: your credit card, phone, and lipstick, of course!

Nights out call for champagne, which make our Bubbly Crossbody Mini Handbag and Celebrate Crossbody Handbag a fashionable fit. If a martini is more to your liking, we challenge you to resist our dazzling Olive You Crossbody Clutch featuring a genuine natural Labradorite gemstone olive.

5. The Best Evening Bags for Dancing

glammed up beaded crossbody party handbag

We can’t remember the last time we danced the night away, but it’s at the top of our to-do list. If you’re also planning on staying out until the sun comes up, our Embrace the Dawn Crossbody Clutch is a cheeky choice.

We’re also big fans of our crossbody phone bags thanks to their compact size and convenience. But these dynamos are far from merely functional. Bags like our Glammed Up Crossbody Phone Bag, and sassy Queen of Everything Crossbody Phone Bag are as pretty as they are practical.

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing evening bags and party handbags, such as how much space you’ll have (and need), what features you’re looking for, and design details.

At Mary Frances, we’ve got you covered with an extensive collection of beaded handbags, accessories, and more. To start finding (and stocking up!) on the perfect beaded crossbody handbag, clutch, makeup bag, or phone bag, shop Mary Frances today.

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