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Article: Novelty Bags You Need This Season

Novelty Bags You Need This Season

As a trendsetter, you've long known that it's the accessories that really complete the outfit. While some women might choose a trendy necklace or a pair of sparkly earrings, if you really want to make a statement, novelty bags are the way to go.

Top 12 Novelty Bags You Need This Season

Novelty bags let your personality burst through without you having to say a word. With the ability to dress up a casual outfit or be the finishing touch to your evening out, a novelty bag from Mary Frances infuses fun and character.

Celebrate After Hours

1. Whether your drink of choice is champagne, wine or a martini, there's a crossbody clutch that is the perfect companion. The Sparkling Crossbody Champagne Handbag features 3-D festive champagne bottles and a gold chain strap.

sparkling novelty crossbody champagne beaded handbag
2. For the martini lovers out there, the beaded Olive You Crossbody is a novelty clutch that sparkles with thousands of hand-sewn beads. The olive is actually a genuine gemstone. Natural Labradorite is said to enhance your inner worth and may help you regain energy.
olive you crossbody beaded handbag
3. You'll instantly be the life of the party by bringing your own miniature tiki bar. The 3D Tiki Bar Crossbody Handbag is designed with intricate details that make you feel like it's the best days of summer all year long.
tiki bar crossbody handbag

Bring Out the Horse Lover in You

 Women and horses have had a special bond for hundreds -- perhaps even thousands -- of years. Whether you're a woman who spends part of each day caring for and riding horses or you enjoy their charm and beauty from afar, novelty crossbody bags from Mary Frances can help you celebrate your love for these majestic animals.

4. The Horse Play Mini Crossbody is encrusted with hand beaded natural Lapis Lazuli gemstones. These are accentuated by a chain strap and genuine leather accents, including a leather back.

horse play mini beaded crossbody bag
5. With the Ready to Ride Crossbody Horse Handbag, rich beading highlights the 3D details that make the horse appear almost alive. It's lined with a matching turquoise fabric.
ready to ride crossbody horse beaded handbag

Get Fruity

6. Whether you're a sweet girl or one who has a bit of tartness to her, fruit slice novelty purses are sure to capture your heart and appeal to the fun side of your personality. The hand-beaded watermelon slice is so realistically embellished that you'll have those around you making comments about how delicious it looks.

watermelon slice beaded handbag

7. If lemon is more your flavor, you'll savor the crisp tartness of this convertible handbag. Simply remove the chain strap to change it from a crossbody to a clutch and enjoy the smiles everyone turns on you when they see this fun accessory.

 tart beaded lemon crossbody handbag

Butterfly Lovers Unite!

Butterflies bring awe and beauty to every setting they grace.  It’s easy to celebrate your love of butterflies with handmade, novelty handbag from Mary Frances. 

8. The Dream Chaser Crossbody Clutch comes in your choice of  ivory or black. Each one features a beautiful centerpiece butterfly designed of intricate embroidery and beads. The multiple colors add to the charm and magic of this convertible purse.

dream chaser novelty crossbody clutch bag
9. The Wing It Leather Crossbody Butterfly Handbag bursts with colorful beads and exquisitely intricate embroidery. Its back is made of genuine leather for additional elegance. You can easily transition this purse to a novelty clutch simply by removing the chain strap.

wing it novelty crossbody butterfly handbag

10. When you combine delicious chocolate brown suede with a butterfly design that's been meticulously embellished with tiny, colorful beads, the result is the Flitter Suede Crossbody Handbag. The versatile chain strap can be worn long or short -- depending on your mood and the occasion.

flitter suede novelty crossbody handbag

Embrace the Music Lover in You

The love of music is  translated into a diverse selection of novelty crossbody bags at Mary Frances to help you embrace and celebrate it in a way that brings out your own rhythm!

11. If the guitar is your instrument of choice, The Superstar Crossbody Guitar Handbag is sure to capture your eye. Designed of soft and supple leather, this purse is decorated with hundreds of tiny beads that were applied by hand. The star motifs and different color beads contrast with the black leather. Lightweight and designed with a removable wrist strap, this novelty bag will quickly become a favorite.

superstar novelty crossbody guitar handbag

12. The Player Crossbody Piano Clutch is richly embellished with beads and features a chain fringe. You can change it from a crossbody purse to a clutch in just seconds simply by removing the chain strap.

player beaded crossbody clutch piano handbag

Shop Novelty Bags from Mary Frances

Mary Frances is the only name you need to know if you're looking for unique and high-quality novelty purses. Bursting with intricate details that bring life to each design, you'll find yourself reaching for your novelty crossbody bag again and again. Browse our full collection of novelty bags and purses and find the perfect one for you.

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